1. Install your interactive LED panels

With three installation options you can install our Luminous flooring in almost any location – offices, retail, exhibition halls, hotels and more.
Three installation options make Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring suitable for most locations

2. Connect your flooring 

Connect the interactive LED panels to your buildings electrical and IT infrastructure so you can control the system from a networked PC or mobile device.. A cloud-based management system keeps your flooring up to date automatically, minimizing downtime and site visits. The system can also be synced with your building management system.
Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring connect to your building management system with cloud-based management

3. Bring your flooring to life 

Once connected, you can program the LED panels to show text or graphic elements such as welcome messages, customer names, holiday greetings or your brand logo, and manage the content from a networked computer or mobile device.
Philips Lighting’s Luminous flooring can be configured instantly from a networked mobile device